• Lemon & Ginger

    • Our Lemon Ginger is a kickstart class act. A lemony-zesty bliss, with subtle spicy touch. Always crisp on the uptake, it’ll leave you feeling so refreshed and so clean. Simply the zest. Squeeze the day!

    • Cal 12
    Sqwz lemon ginger front open
    Lemon Ginger Blik 1
    • Rhubarb

    • You can’t just put your finger on it. She’s sour, yet slightly sweet. She stands tall in her beautiful red gown, while she wears her green crown proudly. The ideal combination for a very seductive and delicious squeeze affair!

    • Cal 11
    Sqwz rhubarb front open
    Rhubarb Blik
    • White Peach

    • Juicy, bubbly & cheeky. Not just your average kind of peach. This one is just how we like it. The perfect pick-me-up. Peach, please!

    • Cal 11
    Sqwz peach front open
    Peach Blik